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Nada Recording - MCR in 'Bullets' era

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Gerard Way posted new lyrics on twitter…

This is a song about a group of jewel thieves. Everything is fine, then everything goes horribly wrong.


You twist my arm
I’m twisting fate
You’ll leave alone, or crazy great
Or break into a million pieces, all your reasons

Lets live alone
And out of state
Lets make up everything and wake up breathing
Don’t give a damn about the wreck you leave in

You can use my friends, but that depends-

On what their for
And while we’re laying on the floor
My mouth is sore
I’m keeping score
A million reasons but I need a million more

You believe in love
I believe in faith
They’ll believe in anything, you make up villains
A trillion legions of the damned and William,
It was really me
It was really you
There was really nothing I could do
Until then,
Lets use our magic powers with the children

You don’t understand, we don’t hold hands

Come catch me, run
Cuz I’m not having any fun
I think you’re sore
I think I’m done
A million reasons

Can I be your number one?

Yeah. Yeah.


All rights reserved by Gerard Way.

(Source: twitlonger.com)

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Today is International My Chemical Romance day! Learn more about the fan-created holiday and check out our list of suggested activities to celebrate in today’s lead feature! #MCRmyForLife: 20 ways to celebrate International My Chemical Romance Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful IMCRD. Was so proud to have a chance to celebrate and honor the MCRmy by posting about it for AP. I definitely wouldn’t be in my current position without them, so I owe them all the thanks in the world.
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Cover art for issue 5 of The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, by Becky Cloonan.
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My Chemical Romance: Their 30 Greatest Songs - As chosen by us, the stars and you!
We miss them, you miss them, so we’ve brought you My Chemical Romance’s 30 greatest-ever songs, voted by Kerrang!, you and the likes of Escape The Fate,Falling In Reverse,Harry Radford,Tonight Alive,Blessthefall,Of Mice & Men,Asking Alexandriaand more! Oh yeah, and MCR man Frank Iero himself! What’re their favourite My Chem songs and why do they love them? There’s only one place to find out…

Issue goes on sale tomorrow. 
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Had a fun time in IMCRD. ^_^